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Few words...


Would I ever have started painting if my path had not crossed this number 80 ?


That piece of luck triggered a very old dream: I had been attracted to art since my childhood but came from a background where art was associated with madness. So to avoid being overwhelmed by this madness, I followed a professional path that drove me from my aspirations and I withered away. But in a last breath, I came back to my deepest desires, realizing that Life without Art was the sheer madness.


This art is a vector for my doubts, my questions, my angers, my pains… 


Through the way my hands move and the variations of the material, my innermost thoughts speak out. At times, I no longer know whether it is the paint or my hand itself staining the canvas and guiding me.

I then discover some of my paintings, surprised that they came from parts of me I did not know.

There is something mystic in this experience.


This experience is a trip to a part of my soul that I would like to share with you.

A communication from the unconscious to the unconscious.



Nadia Aghaï



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