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Paris à contre-jour :


"..Her artwork is very lively, people are touched not only by the colours she puts together but also by the form, as well as by her personal history"


Ben from Gallery 21 (21 rue Dauphine 75006 Paris) - 25 october 2015.


Le Petit Solognot: 

"No Life without Art" for Nadia Aghaï at the Galerie Vagabonde

Redaction | 13 July 2015 | Controis / Val-du-Cher


"The abstract paintings of Nadia Aghaï will be exhibited from 14 to 26 July 2015 at the Gallerie Vagabonde, Selles sur Cher.

It was chance - call it Fate - which allowed the artist to return to her most deeply-rooted desire to paint, for her the ultimate means  to break free from the meaninglessness of a "Life without Art". It all started in 2005 when after finding 80 euros in the street,  she got herself some acrylic paint, brushes and paper and returned to her first love, while remaining loyal to her lucky number '80'.


Every year without fail since 2010, she has been relentlessly exhibiting in Paris. After the Gallerie Vagabonde, Nadia Aghaï will be exhibiting at espace Philomuses, 55 quai des Grands Augustin in Paris. 20% of her artwork sold at the Selles sur Cher exhibition shall be donated to the charity Secours Populaire".


"La Culture est dans la Rue":  

TELESUD - A programme presented by Guy Registe. 
Filmed interview dated 15 March 2015


"Art & Communication":


Nadia AGHAI's painting is an act of transmission; it transforms her energy, her thoughts and her feelings into something visible.

Her work composed of colored sounds and silences, her inner music made of tones and forms.

Her works erupt from her soul, this inside impulse becomes visible matter.

Silence impregnates the atmosphere and the picture comes to completion only waiting for eyes to set on it.

The joy of eyes lost in the canvas, the striking emotion.

The quest provokes the artist.


Nadia AGHAI’s paintings are recaptured emotions.



Bernard BOIS



"Galerie Art & Miss" : 


Nadia Aghaï’s tangled graphism :


Thanks to the dynamic use of repetition and color, we cannot help ourselves from sliding down into a whirl of emotion in front of Nadia AGHAÏ's works.

Her repetitive and overlapping lines and colors can convey emotions such as anger or madness. The public seem compelled to the sense of chaos and confusion created.

The colors are strong and contrasted, a fundamental characteristic for each of the pictures. Her work catches our attention and guides our eyes through the lines and makes us think of the chaos of life. In the end however it remains impenetrable.

The texture created by the overlapping of lines and colors is very varied but repetitive. The tangles imprison your eyes and hold you through these intricate hypnotic shapes until one exquisite detail traps you.



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